Why won't the Hotlap Heroes: Controller app connect?

Please make sure you are using the "Hotlap Heroes : Controller" v1.2 app, then check that your mobile device running "Hotlap Heroes: Controller" is connected to the same wifi network as the Apple TV or Android TV hardware.

My device is on the same wifi network as the Apple TV / Android TV, but still won't connect. What is going on?

Wifi routers are all different, so it could a number of different issues:
1. Check that Multicast is enabled on your router
2. Ensure ports 2015 and 2016 are enabled for the UDP protocol for the LAN
3. Some routers don't allow multicast between wifi and wired connections, in this scenario you can enter the Apple TV or Android TV hardware IP address manually. Just hit the help button on the controller app and follow the instructions.
Still stuck? drop us an email using the contact link below.

What controllers are supported?

You can race with any Apple TV / Android compatible wireless controller or with your smart phone using the free "Hotlap Heroes : Controller" app available for download. Apple TV users can also use the Siri Remote to play.

I selected Race / Practice - how do I use my chosen controller and start an event?

You can add and remove any connected controller at the Lobby screen by pushing the button shown next to the controller listed on screen - any smart phones or tablets running the "Hotlap Heroes : Controller" app will also be displayed in the lobby. There must be at least one connected device before you can start an event.

I don't like auto throttle. Can I have more refined controls in Hotlap Heroes: Controller app?

Absolutely, tap the cog icon in the top left of the screen during an event to toggle between control layouts. The expert mode layout gives you full control over throttle and brake.

My car is stuck and I can't reverse, what should I do?

Use "respawn" - if you are using the Siri Remote on Apple TV you can double click the touchpad to reset your car back on to the track. On the Hotlap Heroes: Controller app you can just press the respawn button.

How many people can play Hotlap Heroes at the same time?

The Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV versions of Hotlap Heroes support up to 8 players at once, the Amazon Fire TV Stick version supports up to a maximum of 4 players.